Pelican Bar, YS Falls (Zipline Optional), Jamaican Lunch, Horseback Ride n' Swim & Ricks Cafe Sunset

Price: $220 NOW ONLY $170 Per Person – Full Day Tour Including Pickup From All Negril and Montego Bay Hotels (Minimum 2 Persons)

About the Pelican Bar Combo Tour

The Pelican Bar Combo offers you a full-day of amazing sight-seeing & fun adventures traveling the Jamaican south-coast through small towns with majestic churches that caters to weddings in Jamaica, Jamaica wedding packages & honeymoon tours. You will stop at YS Falls, do the Chukka Zipline for $40 and then drive over to The Pelican Boats that take you to The Pelican Bar.

Snorkel, swim, and capture Jamaica from ocean view & picturesque mountains. We travel to negril for reggae horseback & ricks cafe which caters to Jamaica honeymoon & weddings in Jamaica and Jamaica wedding packages for photo shoots.

What is the Pelican Bar Tour?

The Pelican Bar is a rustic wooden bar built out in the ocean on the south-coast sand banks several miles from land and surrounded by beautiful snorkling reefs. This adventure is breath taking. The panoramic views are priceless with the mountainous terrain in the distance touching the skyline on one end and the sky touching the ocean over the horizon on the opposite side. The photos are just memorable and with no buildings in sight you can truly feel nature at its best. Explore the only such ocean-Bar & hidden treasure in Jamaica.

A private boat ride gets you over yonder into the ocean, and immediately you start with cold red stripe beers, snorkling is just fantastic, carvers avail with your name on this unusual structure and you are now permanently a part of this experience. Pelican Bar will be one of your most memorable Jamaican experience!

Where does the tour takes us?

Pickup in negril or Montego Bay, travel through small towns on the south coast or through the middle interior from Montego Bay to the undeveloped side of Jamaica. You arrive at YS Falls about 9:00am and enjoy 1.5 hours at the waterfall before traveling over to the hidden treasure of the pelican bar for a fun adventure boat ride and snorkling at its best.

A local lunch before heading off to some Chukka best tours at reggae horseback beach ride n’ swim and then to negril seven mile beach for ricks cafe Sunset. This full-day Combo is like jam-west tour for Zipline at YS Falls for half-price.


This nature based attraction has a seven-tier waterfalls which all cascades into natural pools where families relax and enjoy the cool swimming experience with their kids. The tour starts with a 10 minute gitney-Safari tractor taking you on this magnificent drive, seeing beautiful race horses on this stud farm. Upon reaching the falls you travel through the most fantastic rainforest that everyone finds breathtaking.

Board Walk & Chukka Zipline

The falls has a board walk to the top of the falls which makes it much easier to enjoy the scenery without slipping. There are hanging ropes at intervals to swing like “ Jane & Tarzan of the jungle “ falling into a natural pool of your choice. Walking the falls is another fun experience and the photos are majestic. One added bonus is to do the Chukka Zipline over the falls for only a half-price of $40.

Pelican Bar

Enjoy Jamaican beer, snorkling and the mountainous terrain at this wooden beach bar overlooking the Caribbean sea. The Pelican Bar is a place like no other. Experience tranquil, panoramic views as you look into the horizon without a building in sight.

Next we will grab a bite to eat before heading off to our speciality, reggae horseback ride n’ swim!

You can learn more about our beach ride here.

ricks cafe


Ricks Cafe is ranked as one of the “Top Ten Bars“ in the World – Ricks Cafe has been around since 1974 and is renowned for the most beautiful sunset in Jamaica. Located at the tip, most westerly end of the island, 60 feet above the negril Cliffs, our world famous Ricks Cafe’ is the perfect way to end your day.

Jumping (optional) from 10, 20 or 30 feet is for visitors while our brave & skill Jamaican divers entertain you with somersaults from 60-100 feet as an amazing pre-show to the majestic sunset just minutes away. Awesome Experience !

Please Note: Guest pays own entrance fees.