Our horseback riding tour is far different than every other horseback riding tour in Jamaica. We do not meet our riders expectations but rather we exceed our riders expectations. Our basic mission for all our friends of this fun-loving and relaxed adventure, is to ensure that our guests gets far more than just a ‘horseback ride’, and will accept that this was a great Jamaican experience.

Our tour is rated by many as the most ‘personalized’ horseback riding tour in Jamaica. A short briefing of riding & rules and off you go for two hours and our guests always gets to taste any fruits that are in season.




  • Horseback Ride in the Ocean
  • Our horses are quiet & gentle
  • Our tour is very safe
  • We take all your photos for FREE
  • Transportation OPTIONAL

We feed the twenty five peacocks, some roosters, hens & Mary the “ostrich”, with her 4 pound egg. Our guests will surely get some beautiful pictures of all these ‘reggae birds’. See the peacocks open their pretty feathers and capture the moment with your camera. These pictures will definitely be a memory piece to remember our tour as kids and parents both feel the beauty of nature with these amazing birds.

We have some of the most practical healing plants in Jamaica, and we make all our guests learn something about medicinal plants. The Noni is a very reputable fruit and medicinal tree with it’s antioxidants reputation around the world. The King of the Forest is known very well for removal of livers-pots. Lemon Grass is known in Jamaica as ‘fever grass’, but highly recommended for its healing powers when you have a high fever and is used very widely in Thailand for cooking, and very well known around the world for citronella- mosquito deterrent.

As you ride this picturesque and naturally landscaped 900 acre property, you will definitely see why Jamaica is such a beautiful island. This property allows our guests to see the many different trees like logwood & red mangroves (use to make dye), pimento (all-spice & jerk sauce), black olive trees (grown naturally on this property), Aloe Vera (used for insect bites), no sugarcane plant but sample to eat this succulent & economical plant used to make sugar, wet sugar and how growing it has provided employment (used to make Jamaican Rum). These are just a few of the trees encountered as you ride.

The shaded trail continues for another mile before reaching the mangroves where you will learn about the red, white, black and buttonwood mangroves. Learn how the locals have used these mangroves for their own survival:- economical benefits, personal uses, benefits to the eco-system, and how other wildlife depends on the mangroves of Jamaica.

After two miles of picturesque but shaded trails you now reach our hidden beach- the most rustic one-mile beach ride that is included in this Value-Fun-Horseback-Riding-Adventure. This beach ride is your second phase of our PRIVATE horseback riding tour where you will get a break before exploring the ocean on our quiet reggae horses. The third phase is to go for a reggae horseback swim in the caribbean sea. Guides will do your photo shoot for FREE as you swim your horses. We make our tour very personalized and we tailor our tour to all our riders needs:

  • groups can request to ride by themselves
  • romantic horse ride requests can be accommodated
  • first time riders can request a personal walking tour guide
  • special request for weddings, honeymoons, anniversary, proposals & birthdays are welcomed

Some conditions may apply.