• horseback ride n’ swim in the ocean
  • quiet & gentle horses
  • our tour is safe
  • photos upon request
  • transport optional

About the Tour

Reggae horseback riding remains a member of The British Horse Society and boast very healthy & happy horses. We are a community horse ranch that teaches & help kids horsemanship and ultimately to be amazing tour guides. We offer private & group tours and we are rated as the most personalized horseback riding experience in Jamaica.

After a short orientation and riding rules, you will “saddle up “ and off you go for two hours of this fun-loving adventure. All our horses are very gentle and are easy to ride both as beginners & expert riders alike. Guides will provide information on trail about our flora & fauna, medicinal ( Noni, Aloe Vera ) healing plants and special spices ( pimento, lemon grass ) used for Jamaican jerk cooking.

As you ride this beautiful 900 acre nature-lovers paradise with water birds frolicking in the many different ponds, and the Jamaican parrots flying overhead from one black olive tree to another all along this scenic four-mile trail, you will capture these beautiful sounds & photos of a lifetime. Surrounded by lush greenery & trees so majestic, the protected red mangrove trees is of most importance to our eco-system and wildlife. Learn how the locals have used these mangroves for their own survival:- economical benefits, personal uses, benefits to the eco-system, and how other wildlife depends on the mangroves of Jamaica.

Upon reaching our famous one mile beach, you will enjoy the most picturesque views of the Jamaican south coast mountainside. Our beach is natural and you can find sea shells and souvenirs of Jamaica on this private beach. The ride n swim is awesome. Guides will take you on our reggae horses for your first four-legged jet-ski. Come horseback ride with us and “ Feel the Thrill” !!!