Reggae Horseback Riding is located at Bay Road, Westmoreland — just 15 minutes from Negril. The property is on the south-east corner of Negril and offers a very picturesque view of the sunset.

You’ll be enchanted the moment you enter the driveway, which is well decorated with a variety of palm trees and a huge lawn almost the size of a soccer field. You’ll find many species of flowers and plants including: Mexican Bell, Poorman Orchid, Aloe Vera, Canna Lillies, Coconut trees, and an abundance of fruit & medicinal trees. Most of the trees are labeled to assist visitors in identifying some names of trees that they may have seen elsewhere during their time in Jamaica, as well as being part of the regular visitor tours.

Our exceptional staff includes tour guides for horseback riding, donkey cart rides, fun fishing, as well as bird watching tours. We are also known for our five beautiful horse-drawn carriages, as these carriages are the only ones of their kind in Jamaica.